winter is supposed to be over

Just when I thought it was spring it started snowing again :-( 
It's just not fair



Spring finally started to arrive yesterday! It was beautiful and sunny and warm (60/16C-ish) My late winter/general depression lifted. We made maple syrup. All of these were taken yesterday.


Today I started an internship, walked outside barefoot, and am going to take a walk to soak in as much sun as possible. Pictures later.


stupid dst

I hate having summer time start so early. I'm exhausted. I think it's stupid to start in the beginning of March. But nobody asked me.


guess the theme

photoshop can do videos!

I just found out photoshop can apply filters and do all sorts of stuff to videos! How did I never know this before?

The snow is thigh deep and I went snowshoeing. Today I'm going to ski on my tracks.



I love crêpes! I just want to put that out there. Tonight was the first time that I ever made them myself. My mom made the batter, and I cooked them. Now that I know how easy they are I am definitely going to make them often.

    I seem to have skipped a step.

Cheddar, spinach, ham, portabellos, and onions:

Goat cheese and kalamata olives: