My shadow:

I'm going to New York this weekend! I'm so excited; I haven't been in almost a year. And there was just a snow-storm. I've always wanted to be in NY when it is blanketed in snow. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few good pictures.
Ethiopian food for lunch tomorrow: one of my favorites.



Whee, my friend lent me his iPad indefinitely. He says he never uses it. I say "cool!!" It is so much fun. I'm typing on it right now.
Yesterday the light was really gorgeous, and I managed to get a few shots before my camera battery went dead. Pictures are to follow.

Et voilĂ !

Proof. If you zoom in you can see the opening lines of this post.


enjoying winter

Today I spent a lot of time outside to make up for eating a half-pan of brownies.

This is the first GIF I ever made, so don't make fun of me if it stinks, and apologies for the weird coloring, I'm not sure what happened.
Each time I skied down the "hill" I took a picture looking back, and each time I went a little farther.

 Had a picnic later

 A disgusting hot dog

The result on my hands of being outside with no gloves: pink and numb!



I made brownies this evening after seeing pictures of some on my friend Miriam's blog. I'm guessing everyone reading this also saw them.

 Meant to take a picture before slicing, but I forgot
 Brownie with, ice cream, strawberries (frozen, alas), and chocolate grated over it. Possibly a little decadent, but they were kind of dry and needed something with them.
 All gone : (
I didn't eat all of them myself



Today I went to this Asian supermarket which has all kinds of great stuff, as well as some weird or unidentifiable (like chicken feet). I got a "Dragonfruit" or pitaya. It was really cool looking, and so I wanted to post pictures, but unfortunately it tasted awful. Can't recommend it.

 Cut up, about to be eaten...
...and in the compost. Oh well.



My dinner:

PS Mostly organic. Prepared and eaten while listening to my Metallica collection on shuffle.



There was a great snow storm today! I'm so happy. We got about 8 inches. It was so beautiful.
While editing one of these I hit upon something, which led to the abstract theme you see. One I included un-edited as well because I liked it both ways. What does anyone think of the theme?



Here are the skiing pictures I promised. These were made with my sister's compact camera, because it is a lot easier to take skiing than a SLR. And if I fell  and broke it, it would be a lot cheaper to replace!

I like the contrast between the green, red, and blue in the center of this one. I increased the saturation a little, and that tempted me to increase it more which resulted in:

Around sunset

A tree I liked

And the view from the top of the mountain. Gorgeous colors, no?



Today is my birthday.  I don't really like birthdays. I went out to eat with my family this evening (in celebration or mourning, I'm not sure which), and later today my dad and I are going to go skiing. I might take a camera, and if I do I'll post the results.

This evening I was attempting to get a decent self-portrait. Normally I don't like having my picture taken or taking my own because I'm extremely un-photogenic, but for some reason I felt like it, and I thought I would post the best ones. They are all with a really long exposure , and I moved around a lot. I didn't alter them, even for white balance, except to decrease saturation on one.  

Please excuse the mess