enjoying winter

Today I spent a lot of time outside to make up for eating a half-pan of brownies.

This is the first GIF I ever made, so don't make fun of me if it stinks, and apologies for the weird coloring, I'm not sure what happened.
Each time I skied down the "hill" I took a picture looking back, and each time I went a little farther.

 Had a picnic later

 A disgusting hot dog

The result on my hands of being outside with no gloves: pink and numb!


  1. haha because i stink at html and dont know how to change certain things in my blog! next time u should send me some of those brownies! oh cool gif, i always wanted to do one of my one without those "make your own gif"- pages.

  2. Thank u so much for the help,ur to kind! Ur so sweet!! I will try to make my own gif soon, and i'll give u all cred for it!! about html it's kinda embarrasing because i got to a school who are all about media,design and photography so i dont REALLY need help but i dont really care about how my blog looks like! but thanks anyways!