technical issues

It was pointed out to me that on smaller screens the left side of the blog is off the screen. I have been trying to completely fix it, but  the solution eludes me. Is anyone really good with CSS? In the mean time I just shrunk the whole thing. Apologies to everyone with a bigger monitor who now has a big empty area on the right.



These were made with a really neat machine (which I should photograph as well) that cuts angles on the ends of boards. I loved them and had to photograph them. They look sort of like something Weston might have done. I experimented with a bunch of different textured backgrounds, but the two I liked the most were stone, and the shot I took of them just sitting in the car. As I was about to scoop them up I looked and the way the light was hitting them struck me.

My sister has since appropriated them.


an older photo

Here is an older photo to stand in until I have something new and wonderful. ;-P

PS-- I have something great to tell you, but I won't until I have pictures.


bad blogger

I admit that I am a bad blogger. I realized that I hadn't posted in a month and that almost all my posts contain an apology for the time since the previous. Should I stop?

In the mean time here are some photos, in the order that I like them (least to most).