Plastic bodies

A study of sorts:

After the second week of December my life should calm down a bit, hopefully, and I will have time to post more than once a month...



I'm restarting my one post a day for 10 days. Didn't work so well last time. Thanks Miriam for reminding me!



I finally got back into taking photos, and took one I liked. All summer my creative juices have been dammed up. Maybe now they will burst forth.

Last night I went to see "Carmen". It was wonderful. The singer not only had a lovely voice, but she was a good actress too, and really brought the role alive.



I had a lovely afternoon. The first half I spent playing in the creek, which produced this:

and I took an okay photo, which I will upload tomorrow.
The second half I spent playing guitar. I tried recording it using my camera, but they all came out sounding awful. Sorry. This is what I was playing though.


technical issues

It was pointed out to me that on smaller screens the left side of the blog is off the screen. I have been trying to completely fix it, but  the solution eludes me. Is anyone really good with CSS? In the mean time I just shrunk the whole thing. Apologies to everyone with a bigger monitor who now has a big empty area on the right.



These were made with a really neat machine (which I should photograph as well) that cuts angles on the ends of boards. I loved them and had to photograph them. They look sort of like something Weston might have done. I experimented with a bunch of different textured backgrounds, but the two I liked the most were stone, and the shot I took of them just sitting in the car. As I was about to scoop them up I looked and the way the light was hitting them struck me.

My sister has since appropriated them.


an older photo

Here is an older photo to stand in until I have something new and wonderful. ;-P

PS-- I have something great to tell you, but I won't until I have pictures.


bad blogger

I admit that I am a bad blogger. I realized that I hadn't posted in a month and that almost all my posts contain an apology for the time since the previous. Should I stop?

In the mean time here are some photos, in the order that I like them (least to most).


blueberry sorbet

I made some blueberry sorbet by hand:

In this old ice cream maker-thingy

It was pretty good, but next time I will try cooking it first because the peels were kind of thick.



there, that makes up for not posting in weeks


gluten-free, dairy-free, but not flavor-free, cranberry-walnut oatmeal cookies. Note the huge one, from when I got fed up of making nice little round spoonfuls.

la luna


taken a few weeks ago



life is pointless. I really understand the phrase "life's a bitch, and then you die"

ps this is my new haircut, but the picture is a week or two old. I hate the way my hair always curves up at the bottom whenever its above my shoulders.


sorry for the super long post

We went to NYC for the weekend. Had an amazingly wonderful time. Except for a bit of rain it was gorgeous, and warm (!).  Went gallery hopping, window shopping (and went in, too), ate lots of food, Italian, bagels, Whole Foods, walked a lot, all the way from Columbus Circle to Chelsea, more gallery hopping, saw an excellent Picasso show, really good pizza with lots of basil, drove around admiring the lovely cityscape, hot pretzel with mustard, went to MOMA and saw several really great shows, the ab-ex show is huuuge, ate lunch under a tree in Central Park, sat there a while, sugar-coated cashews, and then went home. That is all in order, but missing a few things, such as sleeping.
I'm sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I took 222 pictures while I was there, so consider yourself lucky ;-)

Except for the first two, these are in the order I took them in. I didn't think a random fat guy putting up a poster was the best beginning. Apologies if you're reading this, random fat guy.

I meant to get all four smoke-stacks with the Chrysler building centered between them, but I didn't.
Sepia or not?

I'm not sure which I like better, black-and-white or color. What do you think?

curve ahead

A kitchen in MOMA. I love those drawers.

The above-mentioned lunch in Central Park

I thought the purple legs sprouting from the umbrella were funny