at the pond


  1. Oh what a lovely picture! So summery!

    I went to a french kindergarten in Sweden.

    Haha, but it's still interesting!

  2. Alexander, regarding food in the US; You MUST see this film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1286537/

    It's absolutely horrifying!

  3. Yes, most of us are definitively disgusting. But! If you've watched the deleted scenes, or are all-round educated, you also know that about 50 % of the world population are vegetarians.

    I think you do not need a long time of recovery before you see food inc, earthling is by far the most brutal of them. Did you watch "solutions"? A 50 sec cut about what you could do for a change, as extended material to Earthlings? Watch here otherwise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqFo5CR6muY&feature

    Though, I wish they showed more one could do. Not only how to avoid supporting, but to actively stop these cruelties to be exercised.

    But I guess I'm already doing something, since I just became active in the alliance for animal rights here in Gothenburg. Ugh, yesterday we spoke with a man that had a gun in his belt and was searching for homeless cats which were "overpopulating" in an area.