I had a lovely afternoon. The first half I spent playing in the creek, which produced this:

and I took an okay photo, which I will upload tomorrow.
The second half I spent playing guitar. I tried recording it using my camera, but they all came out sounding awful. Sorry. This is what I was playing though.


  1. beautiful photos!! where is it? :) xo

  2. No I haven't read the Omnivore's Dilemma, actually I haven't read any book about these sort of things. However, I'm on the waiting list for Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer at the library, so soon!

    Well, they say it in the film and I've heard it before. I think it's thanks to that many people in countries like India are vegetarians (because of religious beliefs), and also because of that a big part of the world population can't afford it.

    No, I think people believe in that. (neutering = castrating right?) I think most people I know who have cats have done this. Of what I've heard cats, at least wild cats, that are castrated have better physical health.
    Probably these wild cats have by "accident" ended up in the same area and propagated quite quickly since their litters (?) are rather big. And if the cat/kitten was cheap to purchaes the owners don't care much if it runs away, or they even throw them out if they get tired of them. Which is terrible.

    Hope you understood that lightly confused text. Haha xx

  3. And oh, is the cat in your header your cat?

  4. :)

    same here! ah wish we could see the last part together!!
    i'll watch part 1 today, missed the end of it
    you can see it here! http://www.megavideo.com/?v=YZLABP8W (full movie in HD)


  5. Yes, I know! But it's sort of the charm of the film. I like how it is both comical (mostly in the beginning), a little action but also drama and romantic. (In a good way it's such a frustrating plot/end). Though I thought the ending was a little weak.
    I remember when Titanic was new and everybody was going on about how good-looking Leonardo di Caprio was, and I just thought he was ugly. I find it ironic, because now I actually think he was attractive at that time, while he's quite boring/ugly nowadays.

    Haha, I had to look here to see what questions you were asking.

    Oh yes I have a great one! (this is from my food blog) http://theleekmafia.tumblr.com/post/7657868224/spinach-pasta-tomato-sauce-canned-crushed

    Though, skip the pesto (I didn't like it). You can find the recipe for cashew cheese here http://theleekmafia.tumblr.com/post/7650297744/cashew-cheese-soaked-cashews-water-sea-salt-and
    I soaked the (raw) cashews over night.

    The cashew cheese becomes like a creamy sauce that tastes like heaven, but it's still great to have some tomato sauce too. I now want the cashews every day and taste to everything, but I'm scared I will grow tired of it. I've seen recipes for it since I started to search for vegan recipes but been too lazy to make it, I'm glad I finally did!

  6. i love all of your photos!
    your blog is really unique - i love it