sorry for the super long post

We went to NYC for the weekend. Had an amazingly wonderful time. Except for a bit of rain it was gorgeous, and warm (!).  Went gallery hopping, window shopping (and went in, too), ate lots of food, Italian, bagels, Whole Foods, walked a lot, all the way from Columbus Circle to Chelsea, more gallery hopping, saw an excellent Picasso show, really good pizza with lots of basil, drove around admiring the lovely cityscape, hot pretzel with mustard, went to MOMA and saw several really great shows, the ab-ex show is huuuge, ate lunch under a tree in Central Park, sat there a while, sugar-coated cashews, and then went home. That is all in order, but missing a few things, such as sleeping.
I'm sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I took 222 pictures while I was there, so consider yourself lucky ;-)

Except for the first two, these are in the order I took them in. I didn't think a random fat guy putting up a poster was the best beginning. Apologies if you're reading this, random fat guy.

I meant to get all four smoke-stacks with the Chrysler building centered between them, but I didn't.
Sepia or not?

I'm not sure which I like better, black-and-white or color. What do you think?

curve ahead

A kitchen in MOMA. I love those drawers.

The above-mentioned lunch in Central Park

I thought the purple legs sprouting from the umbrella were funny


  1. seems like a good trip to me

    and, I think the color one is better than the b&w, basically because here we don't have yellow traffic lights posters (I don't know how to call them) and that seems curious to me

  2. just realized how poor my english structures are: I wrote "seems ... to me" twice in a two sentences comment

  3. these photos are quite beautiful!

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  4. THANKS!!! im super excited! yeah voting,drinking, your legal now so you count as an adult. Its the same thing u have but you get it when yout 21 and we when were 18 !

  5. I know those fishes pictures are nice, I really like them too! but actually, they were taken outside an aquarium with a Nikon Coolpix L16 (not good camera), but yes, I agree with you, i kinda capture the movement, haha I thik I was just lucky