I got a printer yesterday! I'm ecstatic :-)  (I just want to mention that my dad is great)
It's an Epson r2880 and it's really good at black and white, as well as color. It can print 13x19, but I dont have any paper that big yet. Can't wait. The few things I have printed are all beautiful

sorry for such a long post, and so long since the last


  1. cool,i have put on of those things on my wishinglist for what i want on my 18th bday or graduation-presents! pretty sure that im getting one but you never now haha,crossing fingers!
    how are u btw?

  2. know the feeling,but yeah today it was so warm u could wear just a thicker-sweater. i always feel anxiety when spring just kicks in cuz summer is coming and it doesnt last long and before u know it winter again and woopsie you are one year older,sucks. haha well use the pictures and create a wall off pictures! I have one,im still building it. I have a white wall so it's more clean and fresh,but if you dont have a white one it's also cool cuz then u can make it look trashy! My project is still slow,it's supposed to be done in june but im gonna ask if i can postpone it.